The Process

About My Process

The Pacific Northwest offers endless inspiration for my art with its majestic mountains, towering evergreens, crashing waves, roaring rivers and beautiful wildlife. My husband and I enjoy capturing this beauty with our cameras as we walk around our local parks and gardens or go on scenic drives. I love the challenge of turning a photo into a quilt using a variety of techniques including collage, applique, thread painting and free motion quilting. While some art quilters embellish their work with paint or other materials, I prefer to “paint” my quilts, using only fabric and thread.

You can get a closer look at my collage technique below.


Step 1

I start with a photo. Photo credit to my husband Doug Maroney.

Step 2

I trace as many details as possible onto tracing paper. I then scan it and enlarge to the desired size.

Step 3

I trace it onto interfacing.

Step 4

I start to place fused fabric pieces onto the interfacing.

Step 5

I keep adding more pieces.

Step 6

Adding in some final details - I couldn't help but use my creative license to fill the foreground with wildflowers.

Final Product

To finish my quilt, I add the batting and backing. Additional details and texture are achieved during the quilting process. After this is completed, I square it up and add a binding. That's my process!

Detail Photos

Here are some close up pictures showing the different ways I use thread painting and free motion quilting to add texture and details. This is one of my favorite parts of the entire process and makes the quilts come alive.